Conoce al novio de Yaritza Reyes

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La modelo y reina de belleza dominicana, Yaritza Reyes, que no es muy dada a ventilar su vida privada en las redes sociales dio a conocer a su novio, un guapo joven de aparente origen polaco.

En el mensaje con el que felicitó al “amor de mi vida” en el día de sus cumpleaños reza lo siguiente:

“Feliz cumpleaños mi amor!!! Siempre me ha gustado mantener mi vida privada, pero como se suele decir la felicidad es mejor cuando se comparte y definitivamente compartir mi vida con este hombre en la foto me ha convertido en la mujer aún más feliz”, publicó en inglés.



Feliz cumpleaños mi amor!!! I’ve always liked to keep my private life private, but as is commonly said, happiness is better when shared and definitely sharing my life with this man on the picture has made me an even happier woman. … Funny thing about happiness is that you can find it in oneself, in nature, others or just in the being and I can say that with you, I feel them all. In myself because I can see how you understand me and try to put yourself in my shoes as if you were me, also by always reminding me how strong I am and encouraging me to go for more; ….. in nature because of how you make everyday seem just so fresh like the first day; in others (you) -because of all the love you give me, how much effort you put into making sure I’m alright, but also how hardworking you are and how proud of all you do I am; in being because you focus on the here and now and what can we do today, to make tomorrow a better place to live at. …… Today, is your birthday and I’m beyond blessed to see it by your side, to hug and and tell you how much I care for you and how much I am looking forward to see many more years of your life come by. ……. Happy birthday my love! #happybirthday #love #happines #warsaw

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